Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has generously made his book: Gateway To Happiness, (A Condensed Edition) available to you as a free e-book. You will find Gateway to Happiness does a very comprehensive job of explaining happiness. Rabbi Pliskin is the author of 23 books on happiness and emotional competence.
Do not miss this golden opportunity to read this exceptional book. The wisdom contained in Gateway to Happiness is essential for anyone seeking a happy life. As Rabbi Pliskin says, "Happiness is a skill that can be learned." Read this book, practice what you learn, and you are on your way to being happy.

Free Download: PDF file - 60 pages

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Good Books Are Like Good Friends...
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Good books offer you friendship and direction. First a book sits on your shelf,
then sits in your mind, and finally fits in your heart.

Taking home a good book is similar to inviting a friend to your home. These books are some of my best friends; they can become yours as well. Allow me to introduce you to this full collection on Happiness, which is part of the 1,400 books in my library that I heartily recommend. Put some in your library today!

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