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Happy U! Continues on

Monday, November 19th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM ET

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Happy U is the Happiness School of

Continuing Higher Education

by Lionel Ketchian

Our next Happy U Guest Teacher on

Monday, November 19th:

Carole Pertofsky, MEd. Stanford University



Carole Pertofsky 2.jpg

Carole Pertofsky, MEd. 

Carole is the Director of Wellness and Health Promotion Services, Vaden Health Center Student Affairs at Stanford University.

Carole's interest and passion is empowering people to thrive, flourish and succeed in a complex and demanding world. At Stanford, she is Director, Student Wellness Services, Her teaching focuses on harnessing the knowledge and skills that lead to high quality well-being. She teaches at the School of Medicine, offering courses on topics including Resilience: Gratitude, Grace and Gumption; Exploring Happiness and Health; Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. Carole is a frequent speaker and seminar leader for diverse professional organizations and companies (Apple; Google; Association of Family Law Practice; Stanford Continuing Studies; California Senior Centers). She also facilitates retreats, including the Esalen Institute, 1440 Multiversity; Healthy Living Retreat;; Awakening Joy. Carole is a professional coach, focusing on individuals and teams seeking healthier, happier and high quality accomplished living .

What will you do with your “one wild and precious life”, the question posed by the poet, Mary Oliver?  Most of us reply that we want to experience deep happiness, highest quality health and deep fulfillment.

The good news is that we know from research that happiness is within reach, but our complex and demanding lives can confuse and blur our motivation to prioritize those things that make us feel truly alive.  Even more baffling, we may have theories about what will make us happy but they don’t always seem to work.  And curiously, sometimes, those ideas lead to even greater stress.

So let’s talk about how to effectively release emotional distress: Gratitude. Gumption. Grace.   

For 2,500 years, the wisdom teachings of contemplative traditions have guided us.  Today, research studies in the fields of health psychology, neuroscience, and modern positive psychology confirm that we can cultivate our inner resources that result in clarity of mind, calmness, openness of heart, and greater compassion for ourselves, and others.

Together, let’s explore how these practices boost your sense of well-being, contentment, wonder, joy and fulfillment. We will  also talk honestly about how to harness greater resilience during life’s inevitable losses, setbacks and adversity.  

Because you are unique, you will have the opportunity to explore how you can come fully alive and tap into your natural gifts that awaken joy and happiness.

Education: MEd, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Professional Affiliations/Certifications: Mindfulness/Self Compassion certified; Certified Health Education Specialist.  Certified Enneagram Teacher.  ACHA, NASPA, Spirit Rock Center.

Professional Interests: Art and Science of Flourishing and Well Being:  Resilience; Compassion;  Happiness;  Connection.  Student Well-Being and Inclusion.  Women's Issues.  Leadership Coaching. Enneagram in the Workplace.

Personal Interests: Scuba diving, writing, hiking


Welcome to the Good Life!

It’s not what makes you happy. 
It’s what you allow yourself to lose your happiness to.

Here is your opportunity to continue
to learn to keep your happiness no matter what. 

Happiness is a language you must learn
in order to communicate with yourself as well as others.

“Happiness is an inner state of well-being that enables you to profit from your highest thoughts, intelligence, wisdom, awareness, common sense, emotions, health, and spiritual values.”  – Lionel Ketchian

It’s All About Happiness!

You can be Happy right now and for every moment for the rest of your life.

Being Happy is the most powerful skill you can learn.

Happiness empowers greater insight in each of us to further

a collective vision of world peace.  


Happiness is power!

When you know better, you'll do better!

Stop giving your power away.

Happiness becomes you!

Your reasons to take this course.
You will be better able to:

Become a happier person.

Improve the management of your emotions.

Become more emotionally competent.

Learn new problem solving tools and techniques.

Eliminate half your problems.

Increase your intelligence.

Feel more positive emotions in your life.

Become resilient.

Most important reason to have sustainable happiness is to enjoy a consistent life.

About Lionel:

1) I Care About You

2) I Live This Every Day

3) I Will Help You Be Happy

Here's what experts are saying:  

"Lionel Ketchian is a dear friend and a valued colleague. To know Lionel is to love him. He cares deeply and is dedicated to the welfare of everyone he encounters.  Any opportunity to participate in one of Lionel's support/educational groups and to learn the art of happiness from this "Zen Master" of happiness would be a rare privilege." - John S. Tamerin, M.D.


"Many people in just about every field of endeavor are 'articulate' about the rules for succeeding.  Very few, however, actually succeed.  In the field of investing, for example, one can hear dozens of 'articulate' people every day on the radio and television. But Warren Buffett is one of the very few people who has ever made a fortune in the stock market. If you want to learn how to succeed in any field, you are much better off associating with one who has actually succeeded than with the many who are merely 'articulate'. In the pursuit of happiness, you will want to associate with Lionel Ketchian and make the Happiness Decision." - Dr. Leonard Waks, Philosopher and Psychologist. Former Professor, Stanford University, and Temple University

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