The first meeting was held on Thursday, September 4, 2008 and was a great success. The room was filled with laughter and great discussions on ways to be in happiness. We started with looking at 'Choosing to be happy' - making the choice every day to be happy - I spoke about the why, how are where of happiness clubs. I talked about gratitude and took us though a fun game to show how we often say something but do something different.

Our speaker, Lisa Heath talked about broadening our perceptive on happiness and enjoying the ride wherever that takes us. We learn some simple physical techniques for stress busting. Lisa ended on these simple ideas. # Challenge any negative thoughts - (are they infact true) # Be grateful # seek out meaning # work to my strengths # connect with people and # move your body.
Sarah Dewey is the facilitator.
Sarah's e-mail: for more information.

Professor Timothy Sharp, Ph.D., Executive Coach & Consultant, Facilitator & Speaker and Happiness Club Advisor. Adjunct Professor UTS, School of Management, Faculty of Business. Adjunct Professor RMIT, School of Health Sciences
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Tasmania is a small island to the south of Australia just across the water from Melbourne.
The first Happiness Club meeting here in Tasmania, Australia will be on the 18th March, 2009. It will be held at the Kings Meadows Community Health Center, McHugh Street, Kings Meadows on the 18th March. I have yet to set the agenda for this meeting. 
I am married with 2 grown sons. I used to be a clown and did laughter therapy workshops for some years here in my local area. They were great fun but I eventually let them go but I have always had a passion to find happiness for myself and for others. I learned happiness a little later in my life and I really want to share what I have learned with others so they can live their live in a much more meaningful way. I am trained as a spiritual coach specializing in the law of attraction, and am just setting up my practice in this area but I feel drawn to make my practice more around happiness than anything else. In the past I thank you so much for your friendship. Warm regards, Susan Hinds 

I have downloaded the book on your website and I am very grateful indeed for that. I felt straight away that this is something that I would really enjoy doing and I know that Tasmania needs it so much. I would also like to be involved in the online happiness club and I am so happy that I have access to so much material. 
I will listen with interest the recording you have on your site when you interview Dr. Tim Sharp and I intend to attend a workshop that he is having in Melbourne. I will be very excited to have contact with him and having access to his wisdom.

I have subscribed to your newsletter and I thank you so much for your wonderful site and I am so excited to learn more and help others. I look forward to meeting with you someday as I really love to travel and I would love to attend either a happiness club or something else that you are involved in.
Warm regards, Susan Hinds
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Pat Armitstead, RGN, Dip Ed, Dip FTM, is the facilitator. You will learn about Positive Psychology and Leading an engaged and meaningful life. In operation for several years, the sessions so far have explored how to find happiness no matter what, with participants sharing their experiences of happy and sad times and strategies they used to stay happy and positive and focused.Details: Bays Community Centre, 2 Glen Rd, Browns Bay. 7 to 9 PM. 10th October. Reserve now on 021 687635 or 09 4283836 Contact: 649 4283836 or 021 687635 e-mail:
web: Skype: joyologist1


On August 26th, the Thames New Zealand Happiness Club met for the first time from 12:00 to 1:00 PM and it went so well! There were 13 very enthusiastic people who saw the ad in the local paper and the flyers I placed on various notice boards. I must admit to being a little unsure of what to expect – however, as always, things went smoothly. Everyone shared their reasons for being there. I told them about how Lionel started this club and that Pat Armitstead created our first Happiness Club in New Zealand.

Our Happiness Homework for the next meeting is:
1. Recalling this beautiful affirmation: LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.
2. Nightly writing of 5 wonderful statements of Gratitude in your GRATITUDE DIARY to bring along at our next meeting.
3. Deciding if you wish to Sign your Happiness Decision, framing it, putting it on your fridge or somewhere to remind you of your great choice.
4. Pledge you made to find - within the next 24 hours - a Happiness Icon you will keep daily to hold with joy to keep you Happy.
5. Share your SMILES with Everyone you meet.
6. Bring along a lovely Happiness statement, affirmation, story or beautiful idea or thought for our Next Meeting.

The Next Meeting of the Thames Happiness Club is on 22nd of September from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.
Have a Very Happy Month and please feel free to email me with any suggestions or questions at any time!
Loving Hugs and Warm smilz from Jaci Jaci Petherick :-).

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The first meeting was on Thursday, March 13, 2014
Hong Kong Happiness Club is a community initiative to bring together people for the common purpose of understanding & learning about Happiness in Hong Kong
Dina Sabnani, Certified ThetaHealer® and Happiness Club facilitator.
She is also a regular columnist for Beyond Sindh magazine where she contributes to the 'spiritual section' with thought-provoking articles urging individuals to understand the roles they play in creating their lives. Aside from her varied career path, Dina also became the UAE Ambassador for International Happiness Day and founded the Happiness Club in Dubai which garnered her publicity in on TV, Newspaper, Magazines & radio. Following on from that - she is now forming the Happiness Club in her home town of Hong Kong.

Our New Ambassador of Happiness in the Workplace!
Caryn Cridland is the Ambassador of Happiness in the Workplace. E-mail:
Her website:
Caryn Cridland is a Psychologist, Lawyer, Mediator, Speaker, Leadership Consultant, and Qualified Yoga Teacher. She is the Managing Director of Mindful Mediation, a specialist workplace mediation, facilitation, coaching, and training consultancy that provides services to leading organizations. Caryn's unique approach is to use challenging situations to creating positive sustainable changes in people's lives. She does this by creating learning opportunities and helping others to find meaning. Caryn is passionate about positive social change. She regularly speaks at conferences. She has a few published articles on Online Opinion and also blogs on various topics.